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Our Web-Portfolio

Visit Soletron Website: Soletron: Sneakerhead Destination
Industry: Urban / eCommerce
Description: Soletron is a startup with some big-name investors and advisers, including: Santonio Holmes of the NY Jets, Tom Austin, the co-founder of AND1, and Bruce Chizen, former Adobe Chief Executive. The owners, Shane Robinson and Allen Steigman, have been featured in Reuters, Business Insider, and were recently interviewed by The Huffington Post.
Visit Egregore Website: Egregore: An Esoteric Journal
Industry: Religion / Magazine
Description: is a wordpress website that was customized to fit their needs. Most of it's content is aggregated automatically from their pre-existing twitter and facebook pages. Expect more from Egregore as they prepare to release their first bi-anual Magazine, later this year.
Visit Building Better Fitness Website: Building Better Fitness
Industry: Fitness / Search Engine / Company Marketing
Description: Building Better Fitness is a website geared towards two mutually beneficial goals: Helping everyday people find better fitness opportunities near their home, while helping trainers and small business owners in the fitness industry better market their product or service.
Visit Atlanta Energy Concepts Website: Atlanta Energy Concepts
Industry: Construction / Renovations / Blog
Description: This website is all about traffic generation for Atlanta Energy Concepts. The individual service pages also act as landing pages for PPC Campaigns for each niche. AEC has reported an increase in business as well as better quality business due to an improved company image.
Visit How Much is a Website Cost Website: How Much is a Website Cost
Industry: Blog / Web Design & Development / Quotes
Description: How Much is a Website Cost got it’s name from some phrase research using Google’s search logs. This exact phrase is actually typed thousands of times a day, so I thought it would be a fun way to start a simple blog. The blog is all about how Web Design, Graphic Design, and Web Development Quotes. How to find the best deal, and how to know if you got a good deal!
Visit Tomorrow's Gas Website: Tomorrow's Gas
Industry: Gasoline Insurance
Description: Tomorrow's Gas allows customers to protect themselves against the threat of rising gas prices. It is essentially Insurance to protect you from a price increase on gasoline by reimbursing the difference.
Visit Fitness @ Five Website: Fitness @ Five
Industry: Personal Fitness
Description: Fitness @ Five strives to provide the Athens area with the best and most desired fitness center possible by providing a clean, professional, and welcoming environment, the best and newest equipment, and the most helpful and knowledgeable staff of Personal Trainers and Massage Therapists who have a passion for seeing clients reach their goals and enjoy doing so.
Visit Body Perfections Website: Body Perfections
Industry: Personal Fitness
Description: Going into it's 9th year in business, Body Perfections has proven to be a sought after workout routine. We say consistent efforts produce results. Body Perfections offers a workout that trains specifically 10-second lifting and 10-second lowering of weight utilizing a series of machines to achieve maximum results.
Visit OSC Edge Website: OSC Edge
Industry: Information Technologies
Description: OSC specializes in providing clients with upper echelon service in data storage, disaster recovery, technical writing and editing, training, and computer security.
Visit Cypher Chat Website: Cypher Chat
Industry: Entertainment
Description: The whole idea behind Cypher Chat is its subtlety. As you join / create a chat room, you are given the opportunity to enter any web URL. This will be 98% of the webpage. The Chatting is completely contained within a toolbar made to match the look of your browser. Modeled after popular toolbars like the Google Toolbar, Any onlooker will overlook the chat and look at the webpage that you have chosen.
Visit Power Chord Hosting Website: Power Chord Hosting
Industry: Web Hosting
Description: Power Chord Hosting is a rapidly growing hosting provider that is looking for quality clients. What does honest hosting mean? It means that if something doesn't cost us money, it doesn't cost you money. 1,000 Email Addresses, Unlimited Subdomains, Etc. No hidden fees with Power Chord Hosting!
Visit Emily Duncan Art Website: Emily Duncan Art
Industry: Painting / Social
Description: This website serves as a Web-Portfolio for Atlanta's own Emily Duncan. It's main purpose is to present her paintings without visually conflicting with the vibrant images.
Visit Melissa Clanton Photography Website: Melissa Clanton Photography
Industry: Photography
Description: Melissa Clanton Photography is based in Charleston SC. This website serves as an online portfolio so that potential clients might see her work.

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